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"Knowledge and experience drive the technology, while honesty and sincerity drive the relationship."

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Offices Across Ontario!

Our knowledgable and approachable staff offer professional services. We are conveniently located across Toronto, Hamilton, London and Ottawa as demand drives our business to expand.

777 The Queensway, Toronto ON
M8Z 1N4
Phone: 416-233-4222
Fax:    416-233-7294
601 Burlington St. E, Unit N, Hamilton,
ON L8L 4J5

Phone: 905-523-7294     
Fax:    905-523-7156
Email:  amader@hpgsales.com
41Adelaide St. N., Unit 77, 79, London, ON N6B  3P4
Phone: 519-649-1908    
Fax:    519-649-6348
Ottawa Region Contact

Toll Free Phone Number:  1-877-633-0334                        Toll Free Fax Number: 1-877-225-2205