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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are some commonly asked questions that will hopefully provide some answer to some of your questions regarding HPG and what we do.
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    Do you peform installs or do any service work?


    We do not perform installs or do any maintenance work. We are a provider of quality HVAC equipment and parts. We work together with contractors to support them in the field to delivery and commission our products.
  2. Q

    Are you open on the weekends?


    HPG is not open on weekends. However we have an after hours service where parts can be supplied in emergency situations.
  3. Q

    What forms of payment do you accept?


    We accept cash, post-dated cheque, Mastercard and VISA.
  4. Q

    How do I open an account?


    Opening an account with us is easy and provide a history of your transactions for record purposes. It also affords better payment terms and conditions than a cash account.
  5. Q

    Do you deliver equipment to the boiler room?


    Our certified riggers deliver the units right to the boiler pad pending site access. We also disassemble and reassemble the boilers and perform a variety of other tasks to provide the best service posssible.
  6. Q

    Do you do any design work?


    We often collaborate with contractors and visit job site to determine the most efficient and cost effective layout for piping and equipment. We have a wealth of experience and we are pleased to weigh in on the proper practice as well as provide incentives and paybacks.
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