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Rugged and Reliable Boilers for Steam Heating or Commerical Hot Water

      Sharing all of the features of it's larger cousin 28A series commercial boilers, ten different sizes are available ranging from 308 MBH to 1750 MBH with high efficiencies.
      Designed to provide the highest efficiencies possible with forced draft firing, this line of Smith Cast Iron boilers is available in 15 basic sizes with outputs ranging from 900 to 4,269 MBH. Series 28 A boilers may be used in either water or steam applications. They can be fired with light oil, gas or gas/light oil.
      Available in fifteen sizes ranging from 931 to 4,622 MBH, Smith 28HE series steam boilers are designed to provide the highest combustion and thermal efficiencies possible with forced draft firing.
    Forged in the Boyertown Foundry, the modern facility has been crafting durable equipment since inception. They are steam specialists.
    Smith Cast Iron Boilers are known throughout North America for their rugged reliability, operating efficiencies and longevity. Our products range from small residential boilers to the largest cast iron commercial boilers available in North America. Typical applications range from homes and apartments up to very large institutional buildings such as schools, universities and government buildings.
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