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        The Temprite brand has long been an innovator in the HVAC industry, offering a wide range of products for commercial and industrial applications. With years of design, research and development, the Temprite brand offers its service oriented expertise and reliability to ensure the high quality standards that architects, engineers, building owners, and plant managers have come to rely on. 
Product Line
  1. Direct Fired
    “100%” efficient Flame directly in the airstream, no flue required Most economical solution for 100%outside air make-up, sometimes used for mixed air Used most often in factories, warehouses, and kitchens Can add cooling coils or evaporative cooling to most models
  2. Indirect Fired
    “80%” efficient Combustion in a drum and tube heat exchanger, requires a flue Can be used easily for both 100% outside air or mixed air applications Used most often in schools, institutions, or other occupied spaces Can add cooling coils to most models
  3. Air Turnover
    “80%” efficient Combustion in a drum and tube heat exchanger, requires a flue Normally used for 100% recirculated air applications Used most often in warehouses Combines high sidewall supply with low sidewall return concepts Cooling coils in some models
Which Product Suits You?
Regardless of your climate control needs, Temprite has the solution and the experience to help. Learn more about our Temprite applications and pick a system that best suits your needs.